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TwinTurbo Installation and Operation

USB Driver Installation:

USB Driver Installation - Windows

Hardware Installation Steps:

How To Install on BestTrack 4 Lane Setup

How To Install on BestTrack  3 Lane Setup

How To Install on Tracks Without Sidewall - Wooden or Microwizard Aluminum

Operating the Timer:

TwinTurbo Operation: Running a Race, Resetting


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ for TwinTurbo

FAQ for DerbyStick


FAQ for Ordering and Shipping

User Manuals:

Click HERE to go to Manuals. 


USB Drivers for BUILT-IN USB interface:

USB Driver Installation:

USB Driver Installation - Windows



If you are interested in upgrading an existing DTX000, TURBO, or TurboLite Timer, click here for information on Upgrades.


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Pinewood Derby Websites

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Testing, Repairs, Returns:

If you think your product needs to be returned to be tested or repaired OR to have new features installed, click over to our Returns section to find out how to do it.


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