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Questions about our pinewood derby timers?
You've clicked to the right place!  This page has the following helpful information:

  • answers to frequently asked questions about our products
  • manuals and specification sheets
  • how to return products for testing or to add new options
  • how to find drivers for USB ports
  • how to upgrade your timer
  • referrals from satisfied customers
  • information on ordering tracks
  • helpful links for pinewood derby

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may want to ask some basic questions that you think other people have already asked.

Frequently Asked Questions for the TURBO Timer


Manuals and Specification Sheets:

Maybe you want to understand more technically how the timer will install onto your track.

Check our Manuals section for detailed installation instructions to install the timer to your pinewood derby track and to download a copy of the manual.

Click HERE to go to Manuals. 

You can also download our informational spec sheets on both product lines.


If you are interested in upgrading an existing DTX0000, TURBO, or TurboLite Timer, click here for information on Upgrades.

USB Drivers for BUILT-IN USB interface for all of our timers:

The links below have drivers for a large number of Operating Systems including:


Customer Referrals

Here are some referrals from our customers who have bought our pinewood derby timers.

Pinewood Derby Tracks

Many people want to purchase a track and a timer at the same time. This page gives you information regarding the different pinewood derby track manufacturers and their offerings.
Pinewood derby track manufacturers and how to contact them


Pinewood Derby Websites

Here are some pinewood derby links to other great sites with more information.


If you think your product needs to be returned to be tested or repaired OR to have new features installed, click over to our Returns section to find out how to do it.

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