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TURBO Product Line TURBO Product Line

Order the full-scale TURBO Timer, from 1-8 lanes. This timer includes the bridge over the finish line, with huge LED displays of the order of finish. You can also access the times or send them to the computer.

DerbyStick Timer Product Line DerbyStick Timer Product Line

The DerbyStick Timer is the latest in our timer offerings. This product is quickly becoming our most popular timer! We have received many great comments and feedback from our customers about this pinewood derby timer.

Turbo Lite Product Line Turbo Lite Product Line

Order the Turbo Lite - a lower priced alternative to the full Turbo timing system that has the same timing capabilities without the over-track display. The finish order and all times are available from the Timer Module or connect the unit to a PC to automate your race.

All Other Optional Items All Other Optional Items

This is the section to find all our options for either timer, including: Pinewood Physics DVD, DerbyTV, Software, USB port, cables, extra switch, extra finish line sensors, extra parts for the TURBO Timer, Upgrade Kits, Fees for testing old units, and more. 

You can upgrade Turbo Timers up to 8 lanes.

Original DTX000 Timers Original DTX000 Timers

Our original handheld timers are no longer available, but we still sell some of the accessories to this product.

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