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NewBold Products has been in business since 1996.  We built the first electronic timer to help a family member who was working with his RA group at church and wanted a timer primarily to develop faster cars.  Since then we have designed and released a total of 6 Generations of Timers.  There are several great timer vendors on the market with similar products.  Our goal has always been to offer something unique for our customers.

Original DT1000 - 1st Generation.  Not longer after we built the first Prototype timer we realized there was a niche market for this product.   2 or 3 manufacturers were already online selling timing systems.  As hard as it is to believe Online marketing and selling was pretty rare in the mid 1990s.  We created a new single lane timer and started selling this around 1996-97.  Online sales really took off in the late 90s.

DTX000 Series - 2nd Generation.   In 1998 we released a new series of timers called DTX000, where X could be 1, 2, or 8.  The most popular of these was the DT8000.  The DT8000 times up to 8 lanes, with Serial output to Race Software.   Initially we were compatible with RaceVIEW (no longer in business).  Later came DerbyMaster (also no longer in business) and then finallyGrandPrix Race Manager (still going strong).  Although discontinued in 2010 we still have a lot of these in use and still sell replacement parts.

DerbyTV was an add-on product that produced a standard NTSC video output from the DTX000 timer, and later Turbo and Turbo Lite.  This video signal could go to a large TV or projector and showed finish order and elapsed time for each race.  As Race Software and computer use at races became more common, the need for DerbyTV dropped and we eventually phased this product out.

Turbo - 3rd Generation.  This model was released in 2005 and sold up until 2021.  This is to date our longest running model at 16 years and also our biggest seller.  The Turbo supports 1 to 8 lanes and has the unique feature of being User Upgradeable so that a 1 Lane system could later on increase to as many as 8 lanes, just by adding additional display components. 

Turbo-Lite - 4th Generation.  This model released in 2010 was manufactured up until 2021.  In 2010 the TurboLite replaced our DTX000 series as they had essentially the same features and similar price.  The Unique part of TurboLite was that it was low-cost, but could be user upgraded to become the full Turbo system, with only an incremental cost. 

DerbyStick - 5th Generation.   In 2011 we released the smallest and lowest cost 4-Lane timer ever on the market as a full-featured, USB timer.  This 4 lane timer can easily fit in your pocket as it is the size of a USB memory stick.   This model is still in production.

LightBridge is a low-cost Infrared (IR) Light source used to illuminate the stop sensors on DerbyStick, TurboLite and DTX000 systems.  The IR light on this product replaces the need to use Incandescent lighting to illuminate the Stop Sensors. True incandescent bulbs are harder to find and largely replaced by LED bulbs which do not emit IR wavelengths.

TwinTurbo - 6th Generation.  Released in late 2022 and designed to replace the Turbo product.  The goal was to keep cost down while providing a Dual-Sided and Large Display timer.  Over 25 years, most of our timer sales have been 3 and 4 Lane systems, so we decided to make TwinTurbo support a max of 4 lanes, but useful for 1-4 Lanes, depending on the track.   Unique to this Timer is a Single Configuration with Blue LED displays on both sides and RGB Up and Down track lighting.

7th Generation?  - Stay Tuned.  It will be have to be something New and Innovative.



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