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NewBold Products seeks to provide quality pinewood derby products, rapid delivery, and affordable pricing.  We have been in business since 1996.

Our original product was the DT1000 Timer. This timer assisted boys, parents, and leaders in building FAST Pinewood Derby Cars, during the development process. Essential for the Serious Competitor!! Groups could use it on a single lane to adjust cars by adding weights, sanding, etc.
The next product we added was the DT2000 Timer and Finish Line.  This timer was for use on from 1 to 2 lane tracks and gave the times and order of finish for both. 


Released in 1998, our full-featured product was the DT8000 Timer and Finish Line. This timer was for tracks from one to eight lanes and was used for timing races and determining the finishing order of the race. 

 DT8000 end view

Our top-of-the-line product is currently the TURBO Timer, released in January 2005. This timer is used on tracks from one to eight lanes and is used for timing races and determining the finishing order of the race.  For more information about the Pinewood Derby TURBO Timer, go to our TURBO info page.

2 lane TURBO Timer4 lane TURBO Timer


We have also added a new product called the DerbyStick. The DerbyStick is the lowest priced USB pinewood derby timer available.  The DerbyStick plugs into your computer's USB port and provides times and finish order for up to 4 lanes.  This is a perfect timer for groups using an LCD projector to really wow the audience.  Uses our standard start switch and 1/4-inch stop sensors. This USB-based timer is small, portable and inexpensive, but does the same timing as the TURBO Timer!  Click here for more info on the DerbyStick.

DerbyStick Pinewood Derby Timer

All of our products can be interfaced with a computer,TV and/or a large screen display to show the results.  For more information about this, please click on either Large Screen Displays or DerbyTV. 
  DerbyTV Results


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