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FAQ Ordering & Shipping

What is Lead Time for Shipping?

Orders take 1-2 weeks to process and ship.  We stock the Subassemblies but will complete final assembly and test with each order as each order is a little different.   The shipping duration you see is the time for USPS or UPS to deliver the product AFTER we hand it over to them.   Example:  If you order on Monday and select 2 day shipping, the product will not arrive on Wed.   We will process the order and likely ship the following week and then with 2 days transit the product will arrive about 9-10 days after the order was placed.

For orders shipping to the SouthEast U.S., UPS Ground is a good option.   Most orders to Southeast have 2-days shipping time according to the UPS Map shown below.


What is best way to ship?

We have used USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express for many years and in general it has been pretty reliable.  Shipments usually arrive on the expected day or a day later.   But there are some variations with USPS.

If you are in a rush and can afford to pay more for shipping it is probably better to go with UPS 3day or 2day service.  This is generally not that expensive and provides good delivery.

If you are not too far away from GA, then Ground shipping is a good, low-cost way to go.  The map below shows delivery times for UPS Ground, shipping from Atlanta GA.  Most of the Eastern Half of the U.S. is within 2-day shipping time of Atlanta.

Can You Rush an Order?

If you have a Rush Order, or Urgent need, let us know by emailing us at:  newboldproducts@gmail.com,  BEFORE placing the order to make sure we can ship to meet your schedule.

We enter each order into an Order Queue and the normal process is to ship in the order that they are received. 

There are times when this does not happen. .

  • For example if there is missing info on the order, or we have a question about something unique to the order (custom dimension, modifications etc). 
  • If we have a delay in receiving materials from our supplier we may move one order up in the queue while waiting for materials to arrive for another order.
  • Some small orders are more efficiently processed in batches.  Orders for replacement cables are common and we sometimes process several of these together as it is simply much more efficient to do so

When Is Best Time to Order?

We ship year round, but January to March is the peak for PWD season.  Order processing can extend to 2 weeks, sometimes slightly longer with peak demand during the first 3 months of each year..  Please try to order in advance if possible.

What Shipping Methods Do You Offer?

Starting in January of 2023 we have added shipping by UPS.  We also continue to offer shiping via U.S. Postal Service as well.

USPS Priority Mail will sometimes arrive 1-2 days after the estimated delivery date, from our experience this is about 10% of the time.   If you select USPS we will look at both UPS and USPS options.  If UPS can deliver the package with the same or faster time and does not cost any more we will convert the shipping method to UPS as this will provide a better value to you and more likely to reach you on time.   If you must have USPS delivery for some reason please let us know and we will keep the shipment with USPS.

I Ordered with 1 Day Shipping, Why did the order not arrive Next Day?

We always get this question about 5-10 times each year.   The shipping method, whether Ground, 2-Day or Overnight is what the Shipping Company is providing to you.  So when we finish preparing your order and drop it off with UPS or USPS you can expect to receive it within a few days, or perhaps even overnight from that point.

The timing systems we sell are not mass produced in China, they are low volume items, mostly built in the U.S. and all Final Assembly and Test happens at our office in Atlanta GA.  

What Payments Do You Accept?

By Credit Card.  Most orders we receive are paid for by Credit Card and processed through PayPal.   You do not have to have a PayPal account to place an order and pay by Credit Card.  PayPal accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

By Check.  You can enter the order information online, then print the order and mail it to us with a check.  This of course takes longer, but it is just as easy for us to process once the check is received.

Is PayPal Secure/Safe?  We think so.  We use it with many of our suppliers and have made purchases through PayPal for 15+ years.

Here are some links to more info on Security and PayPal.





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