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     TwinTurbo - Product Details

A Single 4 Lane Configuration - Easy to Order and Simple to Use.

Why a Single Configuration?

  • Majority of timers we've sold over 20 years have been 3 or 4 lane systems.
  • We don't recommend larger systems as they do not reduce race duration - but they do increase cost.

Timing Uses Invisible Infrared Light.  

A shown above, each lane has 3, High Power IR LEDs.  The IR Light is detected by sensors mounted in the center of each lane.

Using 3 High Power LEDs per Lane Allows:

  • Operation with Lane Spacing from 3.25 to 4.25 Inches
  • Large separation from timer to track, up to 8 inches.  6 inches is the standard mounting option


3 Inch Blue Display vs 2.25" Red Display

The TwinTurbo Lane Displays are Taller at 3 Inches than any other Timer on the Market.  33% Larger.

Our High Efficiency Blue LED displays are Super Bright, on Front and Back of the Timer and Visible from Any Angle, 360 degrees around the finish line.



TwinTurbo Status Bar - Illuminated by 21 RGB LEDs

Blue = Timer is Initializing

Yellow = Timer is Reset and Waiting for Start Switch to Open

Green = Race is in Progress

White = Race Finished, Waiting for Timer Reset

Flashing Red = No Sensors Found at Startup / Sensor Cable is Unplugged


TwinTurbo - Lightning Finish

  • LED Down Lights Flashes as Each Car Crosses Finish Line
  • When Last Car Crosses, Down Lights Turns on Solid White


TwinTurbo - Stop Sensor Cable Assembly

  • Sensors for each lane are color coded and labelled for Lanes 1-4
  • One RJ45 connector plugs into the Display Board
  • Sensors plug into 1/4" Hole Drilled in Center of Each Lane
  • For 3 Lane Tracks, leave the Lane 4 sensor uninstalled, and Stowed beneath the track.  (TwinTurbo can be used on Tracks with 1 to 4 lanes)

Unboxing the TwinTurbo Shipment

Each TwinTurbo shipment Includes:  Timer,  Mounting brackets,  15foot USB Cable,   12V Power Supply, Start Switch, and Stop Sensor Cable Assembly (4 Lanes).

Ships in a Heavy Duty, Tab Lock Box.  This closes without tape, and is suitable for long term storage of the System.


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