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    Basic Computer Interface with
No Software Required

Our timers can be run with or without a computer. A computer is not required, however it can give you added functionality and more information.

For instance, depending on the timer you use, the finish line display may show the order of finish.   But if you use the computer, you will receive the times for all lanes as well.  See the Support and the Frequently Asked Questions section for more details about how the timers work.

You can use your computer without any additional software required by interfacing our product to a PC via a cable and using a terminal program on the PC such as "Hyper Terminal".  Hyper Terminal is normally included with all PCs running Windows.  

Race Management Software

Our products, including the TURBO Timer, are compatible with the two main Race Management Software Programs on the market!!  Also, we can package either of these two programs with our products so you save on shipping costs when ordering everything from us.  We strongly advise you to research each of these programs separately so that you can make a well-informed decision regarding the best software for your application.

We are asked just about daily which software we think is best.  We try to remain objective since we sell all three, but here's a comparison chart that you can use when determining which software is the best fit for your group.


Pinewood Derby Software Comparison


Race Methods: Stearns, Lane Rotation, Single Elimination, Double Elimination

Scoring: Time and Points supported. Time Includes: Cumulative & Average.

Other Info: 1-24 lanes, Rerun a race if necessary (just click and backup), customizable full-screen display for PC projection, Lane statistics, Car statistics, Special Award certificates (printable)

Grand Prix Race Manager:

Race Methods: Built in Perfect-N Series, Lane Rotation and Dynamic schedulers. Other methods are supported with the Pro Version.

Scoring: Time and Points supported. Time Includes: Cumulative, Average, & Fastest. You can even ignore the worst times for each racer.

Other Info: 1-8 lanes. Full-screen display for PC projection. Lane & Car statistics. Full set of reports, including award certificates. Highly customizable.


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