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The following product listings are Supports Parts for our legacy product, the TURBO Timer, manufactured from 2005 to 2021.

We still provide almost all parts for the Turbo except for the Timer Module.  You still add Bridge Sections and Lane Modules to expand an existing system.

Additional Bridge Module for TURBO
Additional Bridge Module for TURBO

This is an additional bridge module for the TURBO Finish Line Timer. Use this to add up to two extra lanes to an existing finish line system.

Note, if you are adding more lanes to your system, you will also need extra IR Emitters for your new two lanes, one extra lane module (the numbers that light up) per each new lane and bridge support brackets to support this extra bridge.  All of these are found in the Turbo Catalog section of our webpage.



Additional IR Emitter for TURBO

Spare IR Emitter for the TURBO Timer product. Choose cable length of 12" or 24".


Turbo 3Volt Distribution Board for IR Emitters
Turbo 3Volt Distribution Board for IR Emitters
This is a spare 3Volt Distribution board for IR Emitters. Order only if yours is lost or damaged. Not a necessary spare for those who just want a spare of key elements.


Change the length of TURBO switch cable

You may request to change the length of the start switch cable for the TURBO timer. The standard length is 40 feet for the start switch. The charge is only $4.00 to change the length to whatever you specify. You must enter the exact length you need for the switch cable in the comments section at the right on this page.

Note: the length of the Computer Interface Cable and the USB cable can NOT be changed. If you require a different length for this cable, you should try to order it from your local computer store.


Bridge Support Brackets (Pair)

This is a pair of bridge support brackets that help stabilize the bridge over the finish line.  You must select the correct size (3.25", 3.5", 3.75", 4.0") of your track/finish line as well as the number of lanes you need these supports for. (3-4, 5-6, 7-8 lanes).  Current products are shipped with these already. Those who have older units may need to purchase these for upgrading their product's stability.


Grand Prix Race Manager Pinewood Derby® Software
Grand Prix Race Manager Pinewood Derby® Software

GrandPrix Race Manager software from Lisano Enterprises, works with all of our timer products.
There are two versions to consider. The GPRM Pro Version is $75.  The GPRM Lite Version is $55.

Software purchases are not refundable.


Extra Starting Switch (Turbo or DTX000) with cable
Extra Starting Switch (Turbo or DTX000) with cable

This is an extra switch for your starting lever and an extra cable that will run from the switch to the timer. The cable's standard length is 40 feet. This switch is used with any of our timers in the DTX000 Product line and also is used to start the TURBO.

If you require the cable to have a different length, you must order the $4.00 charge for each cable length you need to be different than the standard length. You may order these changes in the same section of our catalog, under Optional Items, "Change the length of a cable".


Turbo Repair - Flat Fee

This is a fee that covers Parts and Labor to repair a Turbo system that is outside of our 6 year warranty.



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