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TwinTurbo Operation



Sequence of Events:

  1. When power is first applied to the TwinTurbo the displays count up from 0 to 9. 
  2. After the Displays reach 9, the System looks to see which lanes have a Stop Sensor connected AND with a Valid level of Infrared Light present on the Stop Sensor.
  3. For each lane a "1" shown in the Display indicates a Stop Sensor is connected for that Lane.
  4. The Top Status BAR will be Blue during Startup. 
  5. After 5 seconds, the Displays will turn off and the Top Status bar will change from Blue to Yellow.   The TwinTurbo is now ready to measure a race. 

Status Bar Blue = Timer Is Initializing

Status Bar Yellow = Timer was Reset and Is Ready to Race

NOTE:  If no sensors are found the Top Status bar will Flash Red.  The most common cause is the Stop Sensor cable was not plugged in.  After correcting the problem, the Power should be unplugged at Timer, then reconnected to start the Initialization again.



Sequence of Events:

  1. Start Switch Opens to Release Cars
  2. Top Status Bar changes from Yellow to Green.  Green indicates a Race is in Progress
  3. As each car crosses the finish line, the Display for that Lane shows the Finish Order (Place) for that lane.
  4. The LED downlighting Flashes as each Car crosses the finish line.
  5. As the last car crosses the Finish Line, the Finish Order and Elapsed Times for all Lanes is sent to the PC (if one is connected).
  6. The Status Bar changes to a White Color.  This indicates the Timer is Stopped and waiting for Reset.
  7. The TwinTurbo stays in this Stopped State until a Reset is issued to the timer.  Once a Reset is received the Status Bar changes from White to Yellow and the system is ready to race again.

Status Bar Green = Timer Is Actively Timing a Race

Status Bar White = Race has Completed, Timer is Waiting for Reset

Status Bar Yellow = Timer was Reset and Is Ready to Race



How To Reset TwinTurbo

After startup the Lane Displays will clear and the Status Bar turns Yellow.   The TwinTurbo is ready to time the first race.  After the end of each race the timer must be Reset and the Status Bar returns to Yellow before the next race can begin.

There are 3 Ways to Reset TwinTurbo:  Methods 1 and 2 are most Commonly Used.


Method 1.  Through the USB Interface

- If using GPRM Race Software, this software can reset the timer after each race.

- If you are not using GPRM but are using a Terminal program (Putty, TeraTerm, etc) you can reset the timer by pressing the Space Bar on your keyboard.


Method 2.  Use the TwinTurbo Automatic Reset

Run the following steps to enable Automatic Reset:

Step 1.  Start with TwinTurbo Power Off

Step 2.  Connect the Start Switch to the RESET input, this is just above the START SWITCH input.  See picture below.

Step 3.  While holding the Switch Closed, Apply Power to TwinTurbo.  Wait for the TwinTurbo to Initialize and the Displays count up from 0 to 9.   The Lane Displays will show a 1 for each lane in use.

Step 4.  When Status Bar turns Yellow, remove the Switch and reconnect it to the START SWITCH input.

Step 5.  Run races as normal.  The race results will hold on the Lane Displays for 15 seconds after the end of each race.  Then the timer will automatically reset and the Status Bar will turn Yellow.  The Status Bar turning Yellow indicates the timer is ready for the next race.

If power is removed from the timer, repeats steps 1-4 to re-enable Automatic Reset.


Method 3.  Use Manual Reset

For Manual Reset a 2nd Switch is connected to the timer at the RESET input.   At the end of each race push the RESET switch briefly, this will clear the Lane Displays and set the Status Bar to Yellow.  Then the timer is ready for the next race.



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