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Original DTX000 Timers

The following product listings show our original pinewood derby timers: The DT8000, DT2000 and DT1000. Our original timers required that you provide a light source above the finish line, shining down onto the finish line sensors.

We have phased out this product.  We have added a new product called Turbo Lite. We maintain support for timers under warranty and still sell the spare parts and supplies shown below.

Custom Carrying Case for Original Timer, DTX000
Our custom black carrying case holds all your timer equipment for the original DTX000 product line. You can put the timer, sensors, cables, cable ties, manual, and AC adapter into this case. The top level holds the timer. The top piece of foam lifts out and underneath is the lower level. The lower level holds all of your sensors, cable wraps, computer cable, etc.


Additional Finish Line Sensor for Original DTX000

Order one each for lanes 4 through 8 if your track has more than 3 lanes. Or if you would like to have some extra sensors as spares. The cable length is 10 feet. This length can be altered if needed, but you must purchase the additional $4.00 charge per each cable you need altered. These charges are also listed in this section under Optional Items. These stop sensors are used only with the DTX000 Product line and are not needed with the TURBO. (TURBO timers use IR Emitters, not finish line sensors.)


Extra Starting Switch with Cable

This is an extra switch for your starting lever and an extra cable that will run from the switch to the timer. The cable's standard length is 40 feet. This switch is used with any of our timers in the DTX000 Product line and also is used to start the TURBO.

If you require the cable to have a different length, you must order the $4.00 charge for each cable length you need to be different than the standard length. You may order these changes in the same section of our catalog, under Optional Items, "Change the length of a cable".


Change the length of a cable

You may request to change the length of the cables for either the start switch cable and for each lane's finish sensor cable. The standard lengths are: 40 feet for the start switch and 10 feet for each lane's stop sensor. You need to order 1 $4.00 charge for each cable you wish to have modified. After entering the quantity needed changing, you must enter the exact length you need for each cable in the comments section of this item--to the right on this page.

Note: the length of the Computer Interface Cable and the USB cable can NOT be changed. If you require a different length for this cable, you should try to order it from your local computer store.


USB to RS-232 Adapter
This adapter allows our timers to connect to your desktop or notebook PC through the USB port if the standard serial port is not available on your PC. This adapter comes with a 3 year warranty, installation CD (driver) and instructions.


Computer Interface Cable for Pinewood Derby Timers
This a cable you can use to connect the timer to your computer. It's a DB9 male to DB9 female serial port cable. This cable is 3 meters long (9.84 feet). The length of this cable can NOT be changed. This cable can be used with any of our timers, including the TURBO.


Pinewood Physics DVD - How to Design Your Car


An educational video that uses the Pinewood Derby to encourage your child’s interest in Physics.   It features the Newbold Products DT8000 Pinewood Derby Timer.   This video focuses on how to win. When your child brings home a trophy, he/she will gain a new appreciation for science!  




This 2-hour video will show you how to...

  1. Use the principles of physics to build the fastest car possible, within the rules.

  2.  Set the weight and center of mass of your car to maximize speed.

  3. Reduce the effects of friction.

  4. Align your car’s wheels to near perfection.

  5. Maximize your child’s involvement in car construction without compromising quality.

  6. Build a simple test track in your garage.


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