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DerbyPak3 - DerbyStick 3 Lanes

The product you selected is currently unavailable.

Price: $229.00
Availability: Ships 1-2 weeks ARO
Prod. Code: 6307

Complete Package for 3 Lanes

Includes DerbyStick for 3 Lanes, the LightBridgeTM, and your choice of race software; GPRM Pro or GPRM Lite  *We always ship the most current version of each software package*

The DerbyStick 3 Lane includes: start switch w/ 40 foot cable, three stop sensors, and CD including User Manual, USB drivers, & Results Display Software (Hyperterminal).

You must use this product with a computer.  This package includes race software as well as a basic terminal window program Hyperterminal to view race results.  

One year warranty.

Please Note that the Software portion of this Package is Non-refundable.

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