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Price: $34.00
Availability: 1-2 weeks lead time
Prod. Code: 6009

The LightBridgeTM provides consistent and reliable InfraRed Lighting to the stop sensors used on DerbyStick, Turbo Lite, and legacy DTX000 products.   InfraRed light is what your TV remote uses and is not visible to the human eye.

Each lane is illuminated by two IR LEDs centered over the stop sensor that is mounted into the track surface below.   

The LightBridge is available in 4, 6, and 8 lane sizes.  Not all lanes have to be used and the product is designed to straddle your track at the finish line.  It does not have to be rigidly mounted to the track.  

LightBridge is powered by a 3V Wall Adapter.  No batteries to buy and replace.

Note: DTX000 model timers will need a small hardware change before using LightBridge.  This hardware change is done free of charge when a LightBridge is ordered.


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