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Pinewood Physics DVD - How to Design Your Car

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Price: $15.00
Prod. Code: 6000

An educational video that uses the Pinewood Derby to encourage your child’s interest in Physics.  This video focuses on how to win.  It features the Newbold Products DT8000 Pinewood Derby Timer.  When your child brings home a trophy, he/she will gain a new appreciation for science!  

This 2-hour video will show you how to...

  1. Use the principles of physics to build the fastest car possible, within the rules.

  2.  Set the weight and center of mass of your car to maximize speed.

  3. Reduce the effects of friction.

  4. Align your car’s wheels to near perfection.

  5. Maximize your child’s involvement in car construction without compromising quality.

  6. Build a simple test track in your garage.

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