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Product Returns for Repair or Upgrade


There are two reasons why you might need to return your pinewood derby timer to NewBold Products.  One is if you think the timer needs to be tested and repaired for some reason.  A second is if you want to add additional features to your timer, such as adding the Built-In USB port.

Repair Requests

If you are needing testing and repair, please call us first to setup a time to troubleshoot over the phone. (1-866-NEWBOLD or 678-352-0084).  You should have your timer setup and hopefully be able to reproduce the problem you are having prior to calling us.  That way we can walk you through the operating steps and see where the problem lies.  We are most commonly available for phone troubleshooting on weeknight evenings.  Also, please make sure you have read the manual fully as well.  You can download a new copy of the manual from our Questions tab on the website.

If we determine you need to send your timer back in for repair, please download this Repair and Return Request.  Fill out the information and send it back with your carefully wrapped timer to: Newbold Products, 1200 Oakhaven Drive, Roswell, GA 30075.

Adding New Options

If you are needing to add a new option to your timer, such as a Built-In USB port or DerbyTV, please go ahead and order the option that you want via our online shopping cart.  (Click on "Place an Order.")  You can use a credit card online or print out the order and send it in to us with a check.  You will need to put a copy of the order in the box when you send your Timer Module back.  To add on a Built-in USB or DerbyTV, we only need to receive back your Timer Module.  This is the black box that is on the left of the finish line that has the LCD screen.  Please wrap it carefully and send it back with a copy of the order you have placed for extra features.  We will add those to your timer and ship it back to you.  Please make sure to tell us if you have a date you need it back by.  You can just write this on the copy of the order receipt that you send back with the Timer Module to the following address:  Newbold Products, 1200 Oakhaven Drive, Roswell, GA 30075.


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