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Pinewood Derby Track
When considering a pinewood derby track, its important to note that they are typically 32 feet long, usually having at least two sections and commonly, four sections of eight feet each. Most tracks have a vertical drop between four and five feet. YES! Our DTX000 pinewood derby timers works with any track, as long as you can drill a hole into the finish line of each lane. We do not require or need the dimensions of the track in order to send you your DTX000 timer. The TURBO Timer works on tracks with 3.5" or 4.0" lane spacing (other lane spacing can be supported, call us for information).

Plans and information for building your own track are available from:
Click Here!

If you want to purchase a track, here is a list of pinewood derby track manufacturers:

1.  Best Track All Aluminum Tracks are strong, lightweight, easy to assemble and reasonably priced!

The only track you can add lanes to one at a time.

2.  Beta Crafts, Inc.

Route 130, P.O. Box 563

Cranbury, NJ 08512


"Challenger" Aluminum track.

These are the guys who make the kits for the Boy Scouts for MANY years!
They make the following kits for the BSA: pinewood derby (cars and tractor
trailer), raingutter regatta, space derby. Beta Crafts makes the black-end
flap PWD kits. They do NOT make the PWD kits that have the orange-end flaps.

The "Challenger Track" is the aluminum deck that the Scout Catalog lists.
The extruded aluminum decking is so fast that a 50-foot track is suggested
in place of the standard 32-foot track. It has precision joints that lock
on the track segments. The 50-foot track only requires two 4x8 sheets of
plywood. The dimensions are exactly the same as a standard 32-foot track
except that the flat surface is longer. They will drill the holes for the
popular start gates and timers. They also make an extension that attaches
to the top for the truck big-rig races without having to modify the start
gate or anything else!

Check out Pack 235's web site for pictures of their Challenger Aluminum

3.  Piantedosi Oars

P.O. Box 643

West Acton, MA 01720


Piantedosi Oars is the world's largest Pinewood Derby Track manufacturer. The industry leader for over 16 years offers both the hi-tech 'Freedom Series' all aluminum tracks as well as the traditional 'Classic Series' maple hardwood track. The tracks are well designed, store easily, and include the starting gates, braking sections, and all the supporting legs and hardware. Tracks are available in 2, 3, 4, and 6 lanes in 32', 40', and 48' lengths. You can add lanes and lengths as your pack and budget grows. You can store the track in it's shipping carton or build your own hard case using Piantedosi's on-line plans.

Please visit us at: www.pinewoodderbytrack.com

Link to Piantedosi Website.

4.  S & W Crafts Mfg.

P.O. Box 5501

Pasadena, CA 91117


These are the guys who made the original Pinewood Derby car kits!

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