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Add Options And Excitement To Your Pinewood Derby Race:


We currently sell 3 different software programs that each work with our timer.  These programs range in price from $50 to $75.  Check this link out to read about options for pinewood derby software that can help you manage your race more efficiently.


Pinewood Physics DVD - How to Design Your Car

An educational video that uses the Pinewood Derby to encourage your child’s interest in Physics.   It features the Newbold Products DT8000 Pinewood Derby Timer.   This video focuses on how to win. When your child brings home a trophy, he/she will gain a new appreciation for science! 


There are two ways you can upgrade your TURBO timer.  You can add additional lanes to the TURBO by adding Bridge and Lane Modules.  You can also add extra Lane Modules to make your TURBO ready for double-sided viewing.    If you have a Turbo Lite, you can upgrade it to a full TURBO Timing System.

Check out our Upgrade Information Page!


Carrying Case

We also have two great carrying cases that will hold your Turbo Timer or DTX000 timer and all your accessories. The Turbo Timer case is for systems with up to 4 lanes. The DTX000 timer case is custom made with 2 levels - the top section holds your timer and the bottom section holds all the cables, diskettes, etc. Both cases are available now!


case and pinewood derby track

Cables / Adapters

There are extra cables to choose from. You can add:

  • computer cable if you're purchasing software,

  • a USB adapter if you have a new laptop, but want to have both serial and USB interfaces

  • a Built-in USB port onto your TURBO Timer (not available on the DTX000 Original Timers)

  • AC power adapter for DTX000 Original Timer

  • Spare sensors

  • Extra start switch  


We will test older units if operation is in question.   The testing fee is $35 unless covered under warranty. You may order this once you have received permission  from us to send the unit in for testing.  Of course, we prefer that you test it first yourself and give us an email or call for troubleshooting advice, as most problems can be solved over the phone/email and save you the shipping charge back.  Our email is: support@newboldproducts.com.


You may want to add some dazzle to your race by displaying the results on a Large TV screen. DerbyTV allows you to do just that, and without the need for a computer!   DerbyTV works on both the TURBO Timer and our Original Timers.

DerbyTV will make your pinewood derby race high-tech!
If you already have a projector or other type of video equipment that will work with your computer, then you may want to use another method to display your results. We have some suggestions on how to use a large screen display for your pinewood derby.

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