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Large Screen Displays

NewBold Products has designed our products to be as affordable as possible and provide maximum performance and flexibility.  For some Pinewood Derby events the race results need to be displayed so that large groups can all view the information in “real time”.  This real time feedback adds excitement to the entire event. 

During the late 90’s, the consumer electronics industry has made large screen TVs, large computer monitors, and camcorders affordable to nearly everyone.  It is the intention of this section to make the best use of these existing technologies to enhance your race event.  Perhaps one of the most important benefits of using consumer electronics for your display is that most of these solutions can be implemented at zero cost to your group!

These solutions are presented for information only and they do not have to be implemented exactly as described here. 

Disclaimer:  NewBold Products does not formally endorse any of the following products, manufacturers or distributors expressly, but we are suggesting a few possible products as a starting point.


We have a product called DerbyTV.  NewBold Products is the only pinewood derby manufacturer with this capability. If you purchase this, you can view the results of your race on a TV screen without the need for a computer or a converter box. Just connect DerbyTV to your timer and to your TV and you're ready to go.    Click here to read more about DerbyTV.

LCD Projector for Very Large Display

Some members of your group may be able to borrow an LCD Projector from work or rent it from a rental company for your race event.  These LCD Projectors take a VGA or SVGA monitor signal and project it onto a wall or screen.  These projectors have the advantage of making a very large display, useful for extremely large groups.  They may also be available as a rental item from your local computer store.

Laptop with NTSC Output

A number of laptops come standard with a video output intended to drive the video input of a Television or video monitor. The laptop’s video output can be used to drive a large television. If you have a member of your group with this type of laptop you may be able to implement your large screen display for little or no cost.

VGA to NTSC Converter

NTSC is the standard video format that TVs use in North America.  Converters are widely available which convert your PC’s VGA signal to an NTSC signal that can then be displayed on any TV.  Several VGA to NTSC converters are mentioned in the following paragraph.  By sending your VGA signal through a converter and to a big screen TV, such as a 27” or larger you can provide a very large real-time display system for your race. You could also split the NTSC signal and run two TVs, one on each side of your track or one at the starting line, one at the finish line.
Total cost: < $100  (using loaned or rented TVs)

Potential Solutions:  Note: All of these converters allow you to run your VGA monitor and one or more televisions simultaneously.  They also all require your television to have either a video or S-video input (most newer television have both).  Refer to your television’s documentation to confirm that it has this type of video input available.

PCConnection,  1-800-800-0009,  www.pcconnection.com
1) Part #: 28607,  Mfg: Focus Enhancements Inc., Model: Tview Micro, Cost: $89.95, Features:  VGA In, Composite (RCA) or S-Video out, also VGA out, NTSC, 640 x 480, 24-bit color.
2) Part #:  49057, Mfg:  Focus Enhancements Inc., Model: Tview Silver, Cost: $139.95, Features:  Similar to Tview Micro except for 800 x 600 resolution.
3) Part #:  46511, Mfg: Avermedia Inc., Cost: $139.95, Features:  VGA In, Composite or S-Video out also VGA Out, 1024 x 768 resolution.

Jameco Electronics,  1-800-831-4242,  www.jameco.com
1) Part #: 105208,  Mfg:  Avermedia Inc., Cost $89.95,  Features:  VGA In, NTSC or PAL out also VGA out, 640 x 480 resolution.
2) Part #:  150447,  Mfg:  Maruda,  Cost: $89.95,  Features:  VGA In, NTSC or PAL output, 640 x 480 resolution.  

Large Computer Monitor

Many computer users are using fairly large monitors, such as 19” or 21”. These monitors may be large enough for some applications to serve as your large group display.


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