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New for the 2015 Season

New Product - the LightBridgeTM

The LightBridgeTM uses InfraRed light sources centered over each lane.  It replaces Incandescent light for DerbyStick, TurboLite, and DTX000 timer models * No Incandescent lighting to worry about 

  • Incandescent bulbs are a great source of InfraRed wavelengths, but are slowly being phased out of production
  • The LightBridge uses 2 IR light emitters centered over each lane for consistent and reliable illumination of the Stop Sensors
  • Available in 4, 6, and 8 lane configurations
  • Powered by a 3.3V Wall adapter (included) - no batteries to replace 

Note:  InfraRed Light is not visible to the human eye, but will show up in the viewfinder of your cell phone camera.

Click here to learn all about the LightBridge.

New DerbyPaks for 2015 - DerbyStickTM Packages

We introduced the DerbyStickTM a few years back and it's still the smallest 4 lane timer on the market.  * Our Top Seller! 

  • This USB "Memory Stick" style device was the first timer on the market in this super small size
  • Uses the same hardware and software architecture as our Turbo and Turbo Lite models.
  • Designed for tracks up to 4 lanes, and with any lane spacing
  • Timing resolution of  0.0001 second
  • DerbyStick Includes:
    • Timer
    • Start Switch w/40 foot cable
    • 1 to 4 InfraRed (IR) Stop Sensors
    • Installation CD w/ manual, USB Drivers, and Display program (Hyperterminal)

Click here to learn all about the DerbyStick and DerbyStick Packages.

Physics and the Pinewood Physics - DVD. 

An educational video that uses the Pinewood Derby to encourage your child’s interest in Physics.   Dr. Scott Acton used our DT8000 Timer to run tons of data collecting experiments and he shows you the results of each of these with in depth explanations.   This video focuses on how to win and which techniques are most important. When your child brings home a trophy, he/she will gain a new appreciation for science!  

For $15, this 2-hour video will show you how to...

  1. Use the principles of physics to build the fastest car possible, within the rules.

  2.  Set the weight and center of mass of your car to maximize speed.

  3. Reduce the effects of friction.

  4. Align your car’s wheels to near perfection.

  5. Maximize your child’s involvement in car construction without compromising quality.

  6. Build a simple test track in your garage.

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