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Rent your pinewood derby timer!

You can rent a timer for your race if you don't have the funds on hand to purchase a new one this year.  We have two sizes of rental timers available, the Turbo 4Lane and the Turbo 2Lane.  Both timers are for tracks that measure 3.5" (from center of lane 1 to center of lane 2 across the track at finish line.)  The timers will include everything you need for running the race, a built-in USB port and DerbyTV to plug it up to a TV video input.  The timers will be rented out for 2 weeks.  The prices below include shipping charges to and from our offices.


Pinewood Derby Timer Rental Prices
Equipment  2 Week Rental  Each Add'l Week   Deposit

Turbo 4L 3.5" w/ USB ($415 value)

$140 $45 $250
Turbo 2L 3.5" w/USB ($340 value) $120 $35 $200



Click here to download the rental agreement.  Then fill out and fax to NewBold Products at (678) 935-0746.

Rental Terms:

1.  The 2 week rental period begins on the date that equipment is shipped from NewBold Products and ends the day that the equipment is dropped off for return shipment.  Equipment that is returned after the 2 week period will be charged an additional weekly fee for each week or fraction thereof for each day that the equipment is delayed.  This fee will be subtracted from the deposit.

2.  The refundable deposit will be charged to your credit card at the same time as the rental fee.  The deposit will be held for up to 1 week following the return of the equipment to allow time for inspection of equipment.

3.  The cost of any damaged or missing equipment will be deducted from the deposit.

4.  The equipment rental fee includes shipping for both delivery and return.  Shipping will be by Fedex Ground.  A preprinted airbill for Fedex Ground will be shipped with the equipment and is to be used to return the equipment to NewBold Products. 

5.  The equipment will be shipped in a heavy duty Pelican or Storm type case.  The equipment should be repacked in the foam cutouts provided in the case for return shipment.  The deposit amount includes coverage for the cost of the timer equipment plus the shipping case.

6.  Equipment delivery by Fedex 2-Day or Overnight can be provided for an additional fee beyond the stated rental cost.

How do I check availability:

First, you must make sure your track is the standard 3.5" size. If so, then determine whether you want a 2 lane or 4 lane timer.  We currently have three 4 lane timers and 1 2 lane timer for rent.  Finally, scroll down this page and look at each calendar for the dates you need it by.  

Once you have the race date and availability determined, download the above rental agreement.  Fill it out and fax it to us at Newbold Products at (678) 935-0746.  If you want to check Fedex delivery dates, you can click here.  You can specify our shipping zip code as 30075 in Atlanta, GA.

Make sure you have the correct system number and dates in your fax.  We will then reserve a spot for you on the calendar.  You will receive an email receipt after your credit card is charged - this will signify the acceptance of the rental agreement and that we have you down for the date you requested.  If there are any issues we will contact you via email, so please make sure you specify a valid email address.


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