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TURBO-4 Lane Pinewood Derby Finish Line
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Price: $357.00
Availability: Ships 2-3 weeks after order.
Prod. Code: 3004

For a 4 lane pinewood derby track.

Includes: Timer Module, 2 Bridge Modules, 4 Lane Modules, AC Adapter, Start switch, mounting hardware, 4 IR sources, Operator’s Guide


Start switch comes on a 40 ft long cable.  If you need a longer cable, order "change the length of a cable" from the Options Catalog and specify the length you need in the box provided on the right.

Options: Select either 3.25 Inch, 3.5 Inch, 3.75 Inch or 4 Inch Lane spacing.

You may order extra Bridge Modules, Lane Modules and IR Emitters at the bottom of the Turbo Ordering page or under the Options Catalog page. Both of these pages can be found after clicking Order Now.

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