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Here at NewBold Products, we love high-tech!  And we know that you want a race that will be fun and dazzle your attendees. That's why we created DerbyTV. Its the latest innovation from NewBold Products and it allows the timer to connect straight to a television set so you can see the results on the Big Screen!

Using DerbyTV, the TURBO Timer, DT2000 or DT8000 can be connected directly to the video input of any TV or video projector. Race results can then be displayed for large group viewing. DerbyTV was made specifically for pinewood derby races, making it very affordable, in fact more economical than any other solution. It is also flexible, and is useful for timing your races with or without a computer.

Benefits and Features:

-creates large screen display with no computer or software required
-you can display your results on multiple TV’s using video splitters
-automatically adapts to number of lanes in use
-no user configuration required

DerbyTV is a small printed circuit board (PCB) inside the timer which connects directly to the main TURBO, DT2000 or DT8000 PCB. If ordered with a timer, the PCB is shipped installed in the timer. However, existing timer customers can also upgrade their TURBO, DT2000 or DT8000 simply by sending the timer back to us for an upgrade. We can only upgrade timers (for DerbyTV) on timer units that were shipped after Oct 23, 2000. We will process the upgrade in less than 1-3 business days and return the timer to you.

DerbyTV operation requires no special intervention from the operator. First, hook up the provided cable between the TV's video input jack and the timer. Then, turn the TV on and select the TV/Video button to use the video input as the source. Once installed, DerbyTV is always on and operates automatically to display the finish order and elapsed times for all lanes in use.

When the timer is initially turned on, DerbyTV displays a startup screen as shown in the figure below.

IntroScreen for DerbyTV

Next, the user must press the timer’s RESET button once to display the number of lanes connected, a second time to display where the stop sensors are connected, and a final time to clear the LCD and enter racing mode. After the Reset button is pressed a third time, DerbyTV displays a screen indicating that the timer is waiting for the start of a race.

 Waiting Screen for DerbyTV

Once the start switch is opened, the timer begins timing the race and DerbyTV will display a screen indicating that a race is in progress.

 Started race screen for DerbyTV

After the race is over, the finish order and elapsed times for all active lanes is displayed.

 Results Screen for DerbyTV

Once the timer has stopped and DerbyTV has displayed the race results, these results will be held on the TV screen until either the user presses the RESET button, or the PC software (if PC is connected) sends the Reset command (ASCII code 20h). Once either of these happens the timer is reset and DerbyTV returns to the “Waiting for Start of Race” display.

Other High-Tech Options:
Besides this high-tech option, we also offer 3 different software programs that can help you manage your race. Check these out!

Using DerbyTV With An AC Adapter:

For the DT2000 and DT8000 timers using DerbyTV, DerbyTV ships with a 9V wall adapter so that the DTX000 can be powered from 120V AC power. The timer can run with a 9V battery using DerbyTV, but for a much reduced period of time. A 9V alkaline type battery will only power a DTX000 with DerbyTV for 3-5 hours. (TURBO Timer comes with its own AC Adapter.) 

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